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BA Gold Collection After Care Kit All You need to look afer your eyelash extensions.


Kit Includes;


Beauty Angel Bubble Lash Cleanser.

Specially formulated for daily use with eyelash extensions to remove make-up and cleanse eyelash extensions. Safely cleanses eyelash extensions without breaking down the adhesive and without burning or irritating the eyes. Removes accumulated makeup and body oils that collect on extensions, which can break down the adhesives.Enhances the health of natural lashes by cleansing follicle surfaces of dirt and makeup, making infills and touch-ups much easier .


Eyelash Extensions cleaning brush designed to remove protein or cosmetics on eyelashes and eyezone.We recommend this product to be used with BA Foam lash Cleanser.This gentle brush cleanses deep down to break up any oils or makeup residue still left on the lashes. Leaving your lashes feel squeaky clean. Also can be used for cleaning pores and blackheads.


This handy mascara wand-shaped brush is just the thing for taming brows, and grooming those eyelashe extensions. This great for distributing brow gel, or for using alone.

Made with synthetic bristles.

Gold Plated with protective lid.








BA Gold Collection After Care Kit

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