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Coating Mascara 10ml - Transparent - Designed for eyelash extensions

 "Coating Mascara for eyelash extensions."

The most effective tool, for prolonging your eyelash extensions life duration. It will protect the adhesive from moisture, humidity and oils, preventing your lashes from falling prematurely.


Extends your eyelash extensions; They usually last 50 to 100% longer with continuous and proper use.


Provides shine, appearance of thickness and lively look.


Cut down on the costly touch-up sessions; consider it a low cost home care kit for your lashes.


The protective coating sealant has been created to give darker, longer and richer eyelashes. It will prolong the life of lash extensions by providing a membrane to protect the adhesive bonding.



Acrylate/Matheacrylate , Copolymer , D.I. Water , Propylene Glycol


Coating Features:

These product creates a membrane on bonding point, which protects the eyelash extensions.

Content: Coating Mascara

Colour: Transparent / Clear

Size: 10ml



How to use Eyelash Coating (Eyelash Extensions)

1 - Open the coating. Rub the end of the applicator on the inside rim of the coating tube to get excess off.

2 - Position yourself comfortably in front of a mirror. With a steady hand, place the coating wand at the root of your eyelashes.

3 - Gently pull the wand up to the end, make sure you cover the bonding connection (between your natural lashes and the extensions) slightly jarring the wand back and forth to separate the lashes and prevent clumps.

4 - Repeat across your eyelashes, making sure to get every lash, repeat on the other eye (Use once a day, in the morning or evening).

5 - Let it dry for about 2-3 minutes, and is ready, Enjoy you new look.

Beauty Angel Coating Mascara

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