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Hypoallergenic Home Fragrances with Reed Diffusers.
250ml Milk&Friends is a collection of hypoallergenic home fragrances inspired by the world of milk and designed to give joy and comfort through smells reminding of flavours and moments. Comfort food translated into… Comfort mood!
Milk&Friends introduces a brand new set of “reed” Diffusers hypoallergenic home fragrances diffused in the air through special sticks (reeds) designed to minimise the number of times they need to be flipped as the fragrance is automatically absorbed and diffused. For an average fragrance intensity, it is sufficient to flip them just once a week! All Milk&Friends fragrances are hypoallergenic so that they can safely be used in children’s rooms. They contain natural chamomile extract with calming properties. USAGE Insert the Milk&Friends sticks into the bottle of home fragrance. For a more intense smell, remove the sticks from the bottle and place them on the other side. You can choose from four different scents:
APRICOT DUNK - Mouth-watering. Butter and apricot jam on toast… dunked in milk.
DULCE DE LECHE – Caramel. Can anything be more luscious? Milk, sugar and vanilla. RISOLATTE – Rice pudding. The breakfast of champions! Rice, warm milk and a pinch of salt. BERRY COOKIE – Freshly baked goodies: toasted flour, cane sugar and juicy berries.

Berry Cookie Hypoallergenic Home Fragrance

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