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8pcs Makeup Brush Set:


1.Powder Brush Synthetic hair. Expertly sweep on blush, bronzer, and finishing powder. 2.Foundation Brush Synthetic hair. Apply liquid or cream products such as foundation and primer. 3.Blending Brush Synthetic hair. Apply and combine shadow shades.

4.Large Eyeshadow Brush Goat hair. Packs on eye shadows and shades on the eyelid.

5.Small Eyeshadow Brush Goat hair. Packs on eyeshadows & shades and works for any area of the eye.

6.Lip Brush Synthetic hair. Use it to define lips, soften pencil lines and apply color.

7.Eyeliner Brush Synthetic hair. Delivers sharp lines with creamy eyeliner.

8.Duo Angled Eyebrow Brush Synthetic hair. Use it to apply liner with precision.


Product Description:

High quality.

Professional 8 pcs brushes set, not only beautiful, but also practical.

Brushes made of high quality synthetic hair, top goat hair, with super nice bag.

This brush set including all you need to used for every day makeup.


Suitable for professional use or home use.

DUcare 8Pcs Makeup Brushes Set

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