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Micro Swab Applicators 2.0mm (Blue) for Eyelash Extensions

Our Exclusive own brand of high quality eyelash extension accessories.

The Micro Swabs are special non absorbent applicators for use during the eyelash extensions application ether your are applying or removing the lashes.

These Eyelash Extensions Accessories are very important for perform the Eyelash Extensions application, because of its material and design, the micro swabs applicators can hold and maintain the fluid without absorbing it due it`s special fibber free material. Therefore saving on amount of product used and reducing your salon costs.

The Micro Swabs are pleasant to the touch, comfortable to use on the lashes, have a large surface area and leave no fibrils.


Where you are going use the Micro Swabs?

They micro swabs applicators can be used for the cleansing of natural lashes prior eyelash extensions application, also they can be used on the removal of excess glue, or during the procedure of removing the eyelash extensions.


The Micro Swab is a must have eyelash extensions accessorie to your eyelash extensions salon, without you would not be able to performe the application


Micro Swab Applicators Features:

*Special designed for eyelash extensions with bendable neck to easier use and manoeuvre.

*Non-absorbent special fibbers, designed to suspend small drop amount without spilling.

*It is a disposable product, each applicator must be disposed after use.

*For use with activators ,sealer or primers.


Contains: 100 Micro Brushes

Colour: Blue

Size: 2.0mm / Thick

Micro Swab Applicators

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