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Royal Russian Volume Glue Pineapple Sense is the strongest glue for experienced lashers.


  • Dry time 0.5 sec - 1 sec
  • Very flexible to work with.
  • Up to 6 weeks retention time.
  • Thin consistency.
  • Pineapple sense.
  • Deep black colour .


When applying lash extensions ideal room temperature should be between 20-22 degrees Celsius ,humidity between 55-70%



  • Always keep in original packing with silica gel (it controls humidity) and away in dark cool place away from sunshine .
  • Keep away from moisture and do not store in the fridge .
  • Write down date of purchase and opening of your glue .
  • Shake well before use.
  • Use in 8 weeks after oppening.

Royal Russian Volume Glue Pineapple Sense

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