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A 22-colour eyeshadow palette.


Steal the show.


Produced in collaboration with social media star Sylvia Gani, the Sylvia Gani 22 Color Eyeshadow Palette creates endless day to night looks.


In a variety of ultra-pigmented matte and shimmer finishes, these luxe jewel, rich berry, warm neutral and intense dark hues can be worn alone or blended together for a multitude of striking, defined finishes.


  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free


Palette Contains:


Wolf – A creamy matte.

Prince – A champagne shimmer.

Chyannel – A bright yellow matte.

Obsessed – A dusty pink matte.

S-Club – A soft orange matte.

Ginger – A burnt orange matte.

Rosé – A rose gold shimmer.

Goddess – A yellow gold shimmer.

Queen – A true gold shimmer.

October – An autumnal matte russet.

Sisterhood – A warm rose matte.

Self-Love – A lustrous rose shimmer.

Wild Child – A mauve shimmer.

Independent – A soft purple matte.

Rebel – A true blue matte.

Underrated – A grey beige matte.

Bear – A soft brown matte.

Hazel – An olive matte.

Night Owl – A deep mauve matte.

Unapologetic – A deep grey matte.

Libra – A golden champagne shimmer highlight.

Opal – A pearlescent shimmer highlight.



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