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Ready for long, luscious and full natural lashes? UkLash eyelash enhancer serum is a powerful serum that targets brittle, short and sparse lashes! It is fortified with natural vitamins, extracts and peptides to nourish and infuse your eyelashes with what they need to look longer, fuller and voluminous in 25 days.


The most affordable eyelash serum  and one of the newest products to hit the eyelash serum market.

This eyelash serum is remarkably easy to apply and works  fast.  Ingredients are hypoallergenic, kind to the skin and extremely gentle so there was no sign of irritation whatsoever and the brush glides on really smoothly, distributing the serum carefully and liberally.  Results started to appear within 14 days with maximum results after 6 weeks of use and continued use maintains the results.  

Up to 50% increase in length and thickness,  We’d have to mark this as our absolute favourite.

  Additionally, UKLash is perfectly suitable for use on eyebrows too, making this serum entirely versatile.


Simply apply UkLash once a day for 8-12 weeks for full and best results.


Size: 3 ml approx. 3 months supply if applied once daily.

UKLash Eylash Growth Serum

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