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A whole lot of practice is required to master Russian Volume lash application. Even experienced stylists take a while to get the required skill.


The art lies in making fans out the finest mink lashes which resemble the letter V and not Y.


This method application required special tweezers.

3D+ Volume tweezers is designed especially for applying 3D+ Volume technique application.


Made of stainless steel with a fine precision point tips and diamond grip.

Each tweezers is uniquely angled at the tips for grasping and holding multiple lashes at once.


  • that they are easy to squeeze not to tire your hands
  • made of stainless steel
  • the arms squeeze together close enough along its entire length to be able to hold the finest eyelashes without exerting too much pressure.


 It is better not to skimp on the right tool and have the right aid at hand to help.

Volume Swan Tweezers With Diamond Grip

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